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Antibodies to Calbindin D-28k, Calretinin, Parvalbumin, Calmodulin and to Na2+-Ca2+-exchangers, Ca2+ pumps, neurotransmitters, as well as their respective antigens.
Superb staining of subpopulation of neurons or glial cells in various species, including humans. Selective staining of various types of cancers.
Our mono- and polyclonal antibodies are of high titer and of high specificity. They can be used in immunohistochemistry and immunoblots at dilution of more than 1:5'000 (Avidin-Biotin-Method). The recombinant antigens have been purified by HPLC and FPLC.
The products are supplied in lyophilized form and are accompanied by detailed product description as well as by a method sheet.

Swant sells the best antibodies against calcium binding proteins.

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